Friday, July 31, 2015

On Honesty and Offense

For me, to live conscionably and unapologetically is to live honestly; to be oneself without pretense. But many of us project a false self due to the fear of being spurned. We'd rather be accepted for who we aren't than risk the rejection of who we genuinely are. We filter or censor parts of who we are so to comply with the standards of those we choose to have relationships with. It is an exhausting and impossible task as offense seems to be characteristic of interpersonal relationships, particularly open and honest ones. It is merely a fact of life. The reality is that I can never be freely and fully myself without the likelihood of friction, disagreement, and misunderstanding - principles will collide.

Many of us romanticize such a virtue as acceptance but find ourselves intolerant in our routine dealings with one another. Where I may say, "I am sharing my sincere self!" Another will assuredly respond from time-to-time, "But I'd prefer that you did so according to my understanding of decorum." Oddly enough, both parties are welcoming each other. Although they are both engaged in sharing exactly what it is they feel - inviting the other in - the occasional offense will arise. Blogger, magentamirror, posted, "I share with you a piece of my life and you think I am evaluating you, criticizing you, comparing you to others, rejecting you . . .And yet, all the while, I am welcoming you." What she perceived as an act of honesty and vulnerability was in turn perceived as an offensive slight. She goes on to point out the following:

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Poetry: 'Frail'

Where one and one are one. From where all and none have gone.
Where all share the same sum
When dust from bone. And sand from stone.
From water born; no life alone
Where wind is blown.
And warmth arise to lighten skies
New day. New birth to be.

With infant eyes at each sunrise
A different world to see; new opportunity
Where all are friend to me. From Love sprouts honesty.
An I with which to see the lies belies derived belief
To heal and mend. No more pretend.
This I reveals, beyond the bend, how Fear relies on We

Here now, differences prevail. Where trust so oft' assailed.
Where Fear and Love decide our fate
Within the choices that we make.
This one, I sense, come give-or-take
Ever a fragile state.

Fragile II by Jiskah

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Poetry: 'I and Why'

There once was Why 'round every bend
This Why existed without friend
Its will to know insisted, growing with the thoughts enlisted
With every thought it entertained
Why thought it knew a lot
It came one day asking to play
And so I thought, "Why not?!"
"Why this?!" "Why that?!" "How come?!" - This Why was insecure;
Its knowing without cure; Unassured, this Why's endured
Its trek affords it little rest
So, why do I in it invest?
Is I or Why here at behest?
If I by Why than why am I?
"Oh, my..." Life's quite the quest (ion).

Saturday, July 18, 2015

On Form and Function

Let us consider the 20th century architectural/design principle that "form follows function", that is the principle that the shape of an object or structure should be primarily based upon its intended function or purpose. Life is the very archetype for this principle, both macrocosmically and microcosmically. Imagine yourself stepping back to observe the whole of existence, as a pedal might a bicycle. Perhaps from such a vantage point you would exclaim, "Aha! So, that is what I am part of. I am this way so it may function that way." But since the pedal, as some seemingly insignificant component, can no more understand the persistent force that is exerted upon it from its place in existence than we as humans can, instances such as the crushing weight of a foot relentlessly bearing down atop it or the contrasting sense of weightlessness & relief felt due to an effortless downhill glide may be the difference between the sense of adversity and good fortune that is felt by a human. Microcosmically, the pedal (a small mass made possible by the concentration of a lot of energy) is a mechanism for the transportation of energy. Macrocosmically, the bicycle (an even larger mass) is a mechanism for the transportation of even more energy. Conceivably, we are structured - constantly evolving, as all else is - to fill some dynamic need in the greater process that is continuously unfolding. This is a very big picture we are a part of.

For me, the whole of existence is like a tapestry comprised of all manner of being. It is an infinitudinal mural amidst which every temporal and spiritual expression or manifestation of the greater reality may be realized and explored; a mural escarpment that endlessly stretches in all directions, adorned by all that exists. All are functioning components serving some purpose or another; where even our form, as human being, is governed by our intended function. I trust in the infinite, inexorable, exploratory, and ultimately ineffable wisdom of the process at-hand. I trust that no matter our self-abasement, modesty or self-importance, as humans (i.e. the youngest species), we are but a tiny piece of an unimaginably larger process. I trust that process. It is the initiator, the sustainer, and prevailer. It is all there is, be it the "Entire universe", "Multiverse", "Ultimate Nature of Reality", "God", or whatever have you. It is my greatest love.

Monday, July 6, 2015


The earth feeds and shelters us. All that humans have ever created or produced is derived directly from this great provider. We rely on it so that we may express our ingenuity and live as we do. Please honor it and all its non-human inhabitants with every breath you take for no breath is taken without its sufferance. Exercise compassion, sensitivity, and gratitude in every step you take for each step is taken upon its flesh. Be well, Loved Ones... Albert

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Random Thought (#9,349,492,495,321,188,946...)

All Are Related. There is no other alternative but for us to dwell side by side. It is all we have ever done whether in times of conflict, conciliation, or harmony. Everything is a "child" (to anthropomorphize things) of Life, be them the embittered, estranged, or enlightened, be them plant, animal, insect, virus, bacteria, human, and so forth. To identify more strongly with one family member versus another seems no more likely to bring about "peace" than some other outright act of violence. To draw a line is to draw a line. It is to situate significance based on partiality; nevermind there was never any distinction other than those that Life, in all its infinite wisdom, has masterfully delineated of its own accord and allowed us to make something of. For me, it seems as though we are all cells within one unified self, and one could entertain the possibility that whatever transpires is what Life has mandated or at the very least permitted. I recognize that Life will in fact administer its own partiality. While it does, I will try my best to channel Love, Peace, and Gratitude as well as I am able.

Be Well, Loved Ones...