Monday, February 24, 2014

On Interior Space (Sanctuary)

Words can hurt. However, only to the extent that we allow them to. If someone says something critical or hurtful, ask yourself: Is it true? If so, acknowledge & address this. If not, pay it no mind. In both instances you'll grow.

Sometimes we obsess over what's been said, whether it's true or not. When someone cuts us with words our thoughts might be: "How can they say such things? They haven't the right to do so! How inconsiderate of them to do so! They are a [this] or [that]! They'll get what's coming to them." In this instance we have amplified the effect of their hurtful words.

When we recall and replay such mind chatter we allow the incident to happen over-and-over again within ourselves; we give it a home in our head & heart - the cut deepens and the wound festers. However, if what is being said is not true, let it go. Evict it from both head & heart, and you will not be ruled by it - the cut proves superficial and the wound heals.

Short Story: 'The Lovely Langolier'

I’d grown irritated – perhaps jealous even – by how everyone would always compliment her on her open-mindedness. I asked her, "How can these people think you’re open-minded when you refuse to consider the possibility of any of their ideations being the only true road to their Gods, Goddesses, Sacred, or Source? To this possibility you've clearly remained closed."

She paused, as if to gather her thoughts, and replied, "I have listened to and watched them. I have lived with and learned from them. I've asked and was allowed to do so, and they asked for nothing in return. My openness was welcomed by their openness, and we all benefited from the experience of this openness."

She continued, “As different as people's thoughts and practices might be - as divided as their labels, names, or boundaries might convince you of their being - their spirits are unmistakably adjoined. They love, they suffer, and they live. We all love, suffer, and live...together."

On Spirituality

One's journey through or to The Sacred is intimate. For me, it cannot be categorized, contained, supervised, or systematized. It is as it is, for each to experience as it occurs—a truly personal event. I am not here to persuade (proselytize, recruit, or reform), but to absorb, appreciate, experience and reflect. For me, all are Love and Loved. It is to this that I ascribe the utmost importance. It is the attitude that I've assumed, and as such the reality that I am amidst and inextricably a part of. So, I am grateful for Life, and for the opportunity to experience it as human 'being', brimming with Love.

Be Well, Loved Ones...


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Poetry: 'Womban'

Two years and three months ago Life conspired in an unimaginable way, bringing me back together with my biological mother, five brothers & sisters, and ten nieces & nephews. I was adopted at just four days old. Yesterday was my Mother's birthday. Today I was inspired (by many things, to include RasLumbre Jeremy), and wrote the following. Love your Mother(s). Love each other.

To my wonderful Mother:
You are Womban. You are Queen.
You are a sacred vessel - 

A channel through which Life was made,
A consecrated trestle.
You were chosen, as were we.

You are temple within which
The Sacred, Truth, and God exist.
You are gift. You are Love. And, this...
without you, as we do, six lives would not persist.
God's favor rests upon you, all born-of-you: fortunate.
Life's fiat you did not ignore or selfishly resist.
You could have chosen differently.
You could have just declined.
Yet because of who you've been, here I write you to remind...
that had you not the heart & mind,
your offspring's lives, to include mine,
could have been yours to rescind;
potential scattered in the wind,
but instead here we stand, alive to realize...
that breath, not death, is what you've been.
A blessing in our eyes - A sun admist our skies!

I love you, Queen Lourdes. I acknowledge God's presence within you with each breath I take. My hope is that you will Love yourself as much as we Love You. Thank you for my Life (our Lives). Happy Birthday, Mother!

Your Robert G. Lumiano

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On Caritas | Discover. Love. Anew.

What is the longest that you have devoted to piecing yourself apart and back together again? For the past two years I've reflected on different aspects of my life experience. A handful of those reflections were posted on a blog, others are found maniacally scattered within journals, in notebooks & page margins, or on loose leaf. And, others still were symbolically disposed of (i.e. burned) or just plain ripped to pieces in fits of lamentation or rage. I have an extremely patient and understanding companion, who puts others before herself. She has not only allowed me to lose myself in this experience, but has at times encouraged me to do so, and in having lost much of myself I have gained far more than either of us could have ever imagined possible. Not everyone, who is in a relationship, is so fortunate to have someone as open to this type of exploration as I am, so I take the opportunities I am afforded to deeply reflect on life as seriously as a person employed in some other manner of preoccupation - it is my vocation. However, I put no store by it.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

On the Nature of Power, Relationships, and Roles


"I feel sometimes when a set of beliefs or ideologies take root in a society, the opposition loses its voice, and struggles to exist, especially when it comes to politics . The party with the louder voice and deeper pockets can direct what is shared with the masses, and in doing so, is able to condition minds. You see it enough, you start believing it." The aforementioned, from a previous conversation, inspired the following:

In some cases the opposition arises due to an ideology, only to undermine and displace it or to exhaust itself in its efforts to do so. In other instances they merge, and in others still, they collide - annihilating each other - making room for new emergent standards to spring forth in their stead. There always seems to be a struggle between "what ought to be" and "what ought to be."

So, is what's taking roots the adversary or is what's resisting them - that is to say, the agent of change or its "opposition"? Don't both parties act out from a place of perceived necessity? How are either all that different from one another? They are equally unwavering on their terms as they are flexible. Both have been aggressor and defender towards one another. They feed off of and oppose one another. While they may have some things in common both seem in disapproval of and threatened by the other's presence. It's everyone feeling pressured from their (and one another's) life situations; situations presumed outside of their control. It's your being, my being, and their being all constantly brushing past, narrowly missing, rubbing up against, and colliding into each other. It's an ongoing exchange. Those pressures are real. We react to those pressures with varying degrees of firmness and pliability - we must. If one becomes too rigid or strictly convicted to a code of behavior, ideal, moral code, paradigm, point of view, standard, value - ignoring or unaware that it is in their 'human nature' to ADAPT - they will collapse under pressure. If one becomes too pliant or loosely convicted - also forgetting their adaptability - they will similarly collapse under pressure. We spend our lives contributing to the pressure, either naturally or as modeled. What you've described is an example of how this behavior is made to benefit politics, which is just one, albeit a very influential, area of our lives.