Friday, November 23, 2012

On The Presence of Peace

For the purpose of the following, the word 'One' connotes some innate state of humanity, where all exist as some undifferentiated source of life energy; 'One' may be what the word "God" or any other variation of the term or intellectual understanding seeks to define. 'One' may be I, you, we, or they, but none neither alone nor in part can be 'One'.

In this present state of being, there 'will not' be One—one world, one love, one being. In the state of individuation there 'will' only be what is perceived through One's experience as individual or Self, and as such, many selves. Here there are several worlds. There are my, your, their, and its worlds.

Consider your self a world. Within worlds, there is conflict, and drama being played out. There are 'world wars' (internal conflict) and 'wars of the worlds' (external conflict). A 'world war' has to do with self-trust, self-confidence, self-understanding, self-acceptance or self-conquest.  A 'war of the worlds' has to do with the way you interact with everything you regard as distinct from "your" self (e.g. "another" self and its experiences, ideas, or beliefs); it is a war of differentiation & individualization wrought by interpretation, opinion, and disagreement. A 'war of the worlds' is a disposition of Self that is concerned with outer conquest and its sole preeminence. Both are concerned with individual recognition & acceptance. 'World wars' and 'wars of the worlds' are simply valuative dispositions that comprise selves. They are the framework for life as we know it; more specifically, as the One is currently experiencing it.

We wade in a perennial spring of Peace, convincingly remiss in our mindfulness of the experience & exploration we now find ourselves committed tocomparative disillusionment, disambiguation, where Reality is most convincing. War is a derivative of the presence or absence of peace, peace itself is an ever presence; it's definition is it's being—it stands alone. The word "peace" merely represents some selfless state of existence that is here and constant. As a result of One's experience as individual or Self, we 'our'selves experience great difficulty in realizing the Great Peace that we are presently amidst. As selves we must strain to see or be reminded of our oneness, most of the "time," and so the illusory absence of peace is what prevails, is most commonly perceived and/or communicated—drama, disagreement, dissatisfaction, intolerance, impatience, judgment, comparison, et cetera. Each self can not help but function according to the nature of these disparate states of being, where presumptively, One has voluntarily engaged in some current state of severability.

Peace is presented and rationed out as an occasional experience, and so is believed to be elusive or difficult to achieve and maintain. Peace is treated like a commodity. It is thought toilsome to procure, and as such makes its opposite more tolerable to those who will not realize its immediate accessibility. With the inconsistency of Peace is birthed "hope"; a longing for and appreciation of its presence, where the quest becomes one of its enduring promotion or ineffectual anticipation. It is taken for granted, and seems we are only reminded of its value to the extant that we are inaccurately believed to play an integral role in its inception. Although human effort is credited for its nativity & endurance, Peace is our origin and presence. In truth, it is the opposite of peace that is contrived—that is, deliberate or manufactured—and that therefore requires the greater effort to conceive and sustain. 

It takes a great deal of energy to manufacture & perpetuate the illusion of a complex or challenging existence, fraught with differences. Rather than help facilitate the latter, I'd prefer to explore other possible applications of the life energy that I represent, during this so-called state of severability. Without a consciousness of the potentiality embodied in one's self, a being may only exist in some reactionary state of automaticity; acting only upon some frame-of-reference or blueprint for humanity bequeathed them from similarly-minded sensory based predecessors. I will entertain "Life" with the understanding that Peace is abundant, its opposite is a token of severability, and the realization that at some juncture I will be met with answers or left with an acceptance that there are none...only One, and that all this thinking was for naught.

Be Well, Loved Ones...

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