Monday, January 21, 2013

On Gaia

My Understanding: Humans = Animals = Plants, not Humans as greater than All or Animals as greater than Plants. You only need reference nature in order to understand the equipoise in the mutual existence of all three. We tip the scales to suit ourselves at the expense of all other Life. At some point the Earth or Universe will right this imbalance, as it has historically. We can either be reminded of and abide by its inalterable laws, and learn from past experiences, or be consumed by our arrogance and short sightedness, and be recycled with all that is left in our wake, to start anew.

You can not usurp Life and expect to be left with anything other than death. You can not tamper with what the Earth has tempered and measured with great certitude over several epochs. You can not best, with what little human intellect has ascertained over the course of mere centuries, what Earth has so generously provided & birthed over aeons, without expecting all that has come to afflict our prideful species at present. It suffers our unappreciativeness. Animals and Plants no more belong to Humans than Humans belong to Animals or Plants. Earth is not ours; we are of it. Yet, we are its only offspring to claim sovereignty over it. If the lesson is not learned it will be taught again...and again...and again.

Be as you choose, Loved Ones...


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